SYNLawn Georgia Installs Luxury Artificial Turf For SLX Apartments

SYNLawn Georgia created an astounding artificial grass lawn and courtyard complete with a pet relief area, activity zones for kids and adults, and poolside cabanas at SLX Apartments.

When people live at an apartment complex such as SLX apartments in Atlanta, they expect a certain level of luxury and greenery. It can be difficult to find beautiful scenery in an urban setting like Atlanta, but SYNLawn Georgia is always up to the challenge.

Owner and developers Chris and Melissa DelGuidice of Del American Real Estate Group wanted a place where their residents could be comfortable, enjoy nature and not worry about driving or walking to nearby parks and other areas. They called SYNLawn Georgia because they knew we could design and custom create their vision while keeping the project on schedule and on budget.

SYNLawn Georgia Designs & Creates Stunning Spaces with Artificial Grass

The apartment area included an attractive pool, and the owners wanted to develop the space into a green area. Still, the difficulty of planting natural grass and the hassle of maintaining it made artificial grass from SYNLawn Georgia the best choice due to its incredible versatility, flexibility, and durability.

Chris and Melissa DelGuidice came to us because of our outstanding reputation throughout the Atlanta area for creating breathtaking landscaping that is complimented with our unparalleled customer service. They looked at our extensive selection of artificial turf and settled on SYBAugustine X47. We quickly began working with them to custom design the 3,500 square foot project.

They appreciated our attention to detail and how easy the artificial grass lawns are to maintain. Our synthetic turf lasts for years with little to no maintenance and is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, allowing it to retain its lush green color for many years.

Overall, when they added everything up, we were the clear choice for their project. And we did not disappoint in our delivery of an exceptional artificial grass solution for all of their lounge areas, green areas, activity areas, pet grass areas, children’s synthetic turf playground and more.

Bring Lifelike Greenery To Urban Living

When the tenets of SLX apartments take their dog to the pet area or their children to the activity zone, they won’t realize the time and effort it took to create that amazing space. That’s fine by us.

Instead, they’ll walk on the softest and most realistic artificial grass available. They won’t realize that underneath the soft, plush grass is hard and unforgiving concrete. The green space is a treasure for the apartment community, and it draws in residents. Where would you rather live? A place where a child falls and scrapes their knee on hard concrete or a green area that looks like a park and that cushions their fall?

Tenets enjoy the area all year long without worrying about brown spots or puddles of standing water after rain. SYNLawn Georgia’s plant-based Enviroloc Backing helps create the lush green color and replaces 50 percent of the polyols with soybeans grown right here in the USA.

SYNLawn Georgia Is The Best Choice For Commercial Projects

If you love what we did with the SLX apartments luxury commercial lawns, imagine what we can do with your commercial space. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lawn, wall, concrete patio area, or any other place that you wish could be green, lush and inviting.

This is just one of many examples where we helped design and create something exceptionally beautiful, that is also incredibly practical for our clients and their tenants. If you want to learn more about what we can do for your business, contact our experts today.


Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

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