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Artificial Grass InSavannah, Georgia

SYNLawn Georgia is ready to beautify your lawn with a gorgeous, low-maintenance artificial grass lawn for your Savannah, GA home or office.

Savannah, Georgia, is the quintessential southern city. It boasts tree-lined streets and stately old homes. The city’s humid climate is ideal for some plants, but lawns can struggle in the summer. The winter is just as tough on a property’s lawn when the temperatures suddenly dip down.

Keeping the appearance of your lawn up is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work throughout the year. But there is an easier way to keep your residential or commercial property in Savannah, Georgia, looking its best by installing natural-looking artificial grass.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has changed over the years. It no longer looks and feels fake. Instead, it is hard to tell the difference between our synthetic grass and natural grass. You can have a lush, natural-looking lawn with artificial turf. Along with looking great when installed, there are other reasons why it makes sense to use artificial grass.

There is no need to water the artificial turf, so you save money on monthly water bills. Weeds are not an issue, so there is no need to put down fertilizer, pesticides, and weed-killer. Not having to use chemicals makes artificial turf safer for children and pets to play on. Both the natural feel and look of synthetic grass are easy to maintain. It never needs mowing or edging, which frees up a lot of your time.

Unlike a natural lawn that needs reseeding or new sod frequently, synthetic turf is durable and long-lasting. An artificial lawn will last for years regardless of the weather or how much use it gets. The artificial fibers are specifically designed to withstand UV rays, so you will always have a green lawn, even during a summer drought.

How You Can Use Artificial Grass

Here are just a few of the ways you can utilize synthetic grass and artificial turf, and even if we don’t list your specific needs, we can help. There is virtually no limit to the flexibility of these highly versatile artificial lawns and synthetic turfs and exactly how you can use them.

Residential Artificial Grass in Savannah, GA

Artificial grass will turn any residential yard into a lush green space, but it’s not the only benefit you can achieve with artificial turf. Along with helping you win “yard of the month” in your neighborhood month after month, it will also boost curb appeal and your properties’ overall resale value.

Pet and Dog Grass

Your pets can quickly destroy natural grass by merely running and playing across your lawn. Since you don’t want to keep your pets locked up, artificial pet and dog grass is the perfect solution. Pet and dog turf can withstand the most playful animal without showing signs of wear and tear. Its natural feel also ensures that your pets will love rolling around on artificial grass.

Golf Greens and Putting Greens

Golfers know that putting in natural grass presents challenges. Long grass can impede the distance the ball travels, and uneven ground can ruin the shot. Whether you’re playing for fun in the backyard or installing a putting green for employees, artificial grass is a better option than natural sod for your golf greens and putting greens. You’ll get an even playing surface every time you putt. You can make the most out of your home or office indoor or outdoor space with a professional golf green and putting green that rivals what the professionals use.

Playground Turf

Playground turf is a safer and less expensive option than other surfacing materials like asphalt, rubber, and wood chips. Asphalt and rubber quickly heat up in the summer, sometimes even with close to boiling temperatures. While wood chips don’t have the same danger, deterioration is a problem. Playground turf is durable and safe. It also is softer for kids to land on than other materials.

Commercial Synthetic Lawn

When your building is serving as a backdrop to a less than stellar lawn, complete with bare, dried, dead, or patchy spots, it doesn’t give consumers a favorable impression. Soon, your lack of a nice grass lawn can start affecting your profit margin. You can hire a landscaping company to re-sod and maintain the area or choose a more cost-effective solution. Commercial artificial grass is easy to install and maintain and quickly pays for itself.

Your company will have a lawn that is low maintenance and that’s always green—allowing you to welcome customers year-round, regardless of the season, in style.