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Artificial Grass for General Contractorsin Atlanta, GA

SYNLawn Georgia is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of artificial grass for general contractors in Atlanta, GA. With our extensive experience and history as an industry leader, our synthetic turf is highly sought after by landscapers, resellers, and general contractors who specialize in installing artificial grass products for both residential and commercial customers. 

However, before exploring the many benefits of our synthetic grass, let’s examine why SYNLawn and SYNLawn Georgia have been at the forefront of the artificial grass industry.

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SYNLawn’s High-Quality Artificial Grass

For over four decades, SYNLawn has been a pioneer in the artificial grass industry. Our cutting-edge Dalton, GA manufacturing facility is a testament to our commitment to technological innovation. For instance, we have eliminated a portion of the petroleum-based polymers in our products and replaced them with plant-based components. By infusing sustainable components with our polypropylene compounds, our artificial grass is highly durable and environmentally friendly while still maintaining an ultra-realistic texture. 

Applications of Synthetic Turf

Before we examine the benefits of our artificial grass, let’s review the different applications that our synthetic turf can have:

Pet Grass & Dog Turf

SYNLawn Georgia’s artificial grass is an ideal solution for pet and dog areas. Our synthetic turf provides a safer, more comfortable, and more durable surface for pets to relax or play on. For pet owners, our turf is also easy to clean and maintain. Regardless of the size of your pet, our pet grass and dog turf can meet your pet’s needs for a comfortable and functional outdoor environment. 

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartment buildings are excellent candidates for artificial grass because an attractive outdoor space can help transform any apartment complex into a more luxurious space. Having a quality outdoor area with synthetic turf can help apartments stay competitive and attract tenants. Our artificial grass is also ideal for playground turf, which can help interest families in renting at an apartment complex or building. We also offer pet grass and dog turf to attract pet owners with amenities such as pet play areas and dog runs for their four legged friends.

Commercial Artificial Turf

Our synthetic turf can be the perfect solution for commercial applications as well. For example, if you own or operate a shopping mall, retail center, or business storefront, our artificial grass can transform your surroundings from ordinary-looking to an enchanting, green space. 

Another reason businesses love artificial grass is its cost-benefit. Installing commercial artificial grass eliminates most of the landscaping costs associated with maintaining a natural grass lawn. With synthetic turf, your commercial business can have captivating greenery without the worry of intensive maintenance. 

The Benefits of SYNLawn Georgia’s Artificial Grass

Now let’s examine why general contractors gravitate toward our signature synthetic grass:

Highly Durable and Naturalistic

Our research and development teams at SYNLawn have invested a lot of time and resources in designing synthetic surfaces that are durable and resistant to a wide range of elements. For example, by combining plant-based materials with synthetic polypropylene, we have been able to engineer artificial turf that is not only highly durable but also resembles natural grass in both look and feel. 

Combination of High-Quality and Competitive Pricing

Working as a general contractor in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas can be challenging when trying to provide customers with the best value for their money. To do so, it is crucial to find an artificial grass vendor with high-quality products at reasonable prices. At SYNLawn Georgia, we understand these challenges, so we sell general contractors high-quality synthetic turf at highly competitive rates. With our artificial grass, general contractors can impress their customers while remaining profitable. 

Relatively Low Maintenance

One of the most notable qualities of synthetic grass is its low maintenance. Imagine never having to worry about mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, seeding, watering, or other irrigation and landscaping tasks. This not only saves artificial turf owners a tremendous amount of time but, it also saves precious and scarce resources. General contractors in Atlanta, GA can use this benefit to help sell artificial grass solutions to their customers.


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