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Artificial grass lawns are not only a luxury but a necessity for any busy business owner or homeowner; since the hot, humid summers and freezing winter temperatures take a toll on lawns in Columbus, Georgia. Season after season weeds and other pests can also turn a lush lawn into one covered with unsightly bare patches. Keeping your lawn green and healthy takes time and money, but there is another option.

Replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass is becoming a popular option for homeowners in Columbus, Georgia. Your lawn stays green all year with only the bare minimum of care. If you’re interested in having residential or commercial artificial grass installed on your property, here’s what you need to know.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

Having artificial grass installed in your backyard comes with several benefits that start with having a great looking lawn. You can get rid of your lawn mower and string trimmer. Artificial turf never needs mowing, and it won’t grow over your driveway or sidewalks.

You also won’t spend money on lawn fertilizer or weed repellents. Chemicals used to treat natural grass are not needed with an artificial lawn. With artificial turf, you save time and money while helping to protect the environment.

Uses for Artificial Grass

Along with giving you a year-round lush, natural-looking lawn, there are other uses for artificial grass. Some you might not have considered, while others will seem like common sense.

Putting Greens

It’s hard enough making a putt without long grass and bumpy turf getting in the way. You won’t have this problem when you use specialized artificial grass for putting greens from SYNLawn Georgia.

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Pet & Dog Grass

Pets are part of the family, but they’re tough on natural grass. Before you know it, there are bare patches in your pet’s area. Pet and dog turf not only ensures a lush looking lawn, but it’s also safe for your pets.

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Playground Turf

Whether you need a playground in your backyard or for the neighborhood community center, you want kids to have fun and stay safe. Asphalt is a common surface on playgrounds, along with recycled rubber. Both materials give kids a smooth and level surface to run and play on. The main downside is how hot the paving can get in the summer.

Even wood chips in playgrounds come with problems. Splinters are common, and wood chips deteriorate over time. Playground turf is a great solution for hot and hard surfaces. It also looks better than asphalt and recycled rubber. Artificial playground turf in Columbus Georgia helps to reduce injuries, has a longer life-span, and reduces maintenance costs.

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Commercial Properties

Commercial businesses know that appearance matters. How the outside of the building and property looks affects profit margins. Companies with properties covered in dirt or weeds are more likely to turn consumers away than bring them in.

Commercial artificial grass is a cost-effective solution. Businesses can improve the appearance of their commercial properties without spending a lot of time and money. Since upkeep on artificial grass is minimal, companies will continue to save money after the turf is installed.

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