The EnviroLoc+ System from SYNLawn Georgia

The innovative EnviroLoc+ System from SYNLawn Georgia can help home and business owners transition from costly natural grass lawns to environmentally friendly artificial grass lawns. Despite their green appearance, natural grass lawns can wreak havoc on the environment. Maintaining these spaces often requires significant and costly water use, gas-guzzling maintenance via mowers, and toxic weed killers and fertilizers. Synthetic grass from SYNLawn Georgia requires little maintenance, making it cost effective and ecologically sound.

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The EnviroLoc+ System Explained

The EnviroLoc+ System from SYNLawn Georgia is an inventive, eco-friendly component system. It helps lock our durable turf fibers in place. As a result, this invaluable system keeps our artificial lawns looking lush longer. Take a look at our gallery for examples of all the stunning synthetic grass our team has to offer, including products using our EnviroLoc+ System! 

Unlike other kinds of artificial grass, the EnviroLoc+ System is made in America and replaces a portion of the petroleum-based polymers typically found in synthetic turf. Instead, our EnviroLoc+ System relies on sustainable resources like soybean oil. This makes our artificial grass a greener product without sacrificing any dependability.

Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass

Sadly, natural grass lawns are often incredibly harmful to the environment. However, artificial grass from SYNLawn Georgia is not! Our synthetic lawns require far less maintenance than a traditional lawn. Artificial grass never requires watering or mowing. This saves our customers time and money. It also helps reduce their overall impact on the environment. 

The EnviroLoc+ System’s overall durability also contributes to its eco-friendly nature. Some types of artificial turf can suffer from fiber loss. This makes a synthetic lawn look worse overtime and adds waste to the environment. However, the EnviroLoc+ System experiences little fiber loss, which helps keep your artificial grass looking great while reducing waste.     

Recyclable Artificial Grass

Fortunately, the EnviroLoc+ System benefits the environment even after its initial use for a lawn, playground, putting green, or otherwise. Unlike other synthetic turfs, the artificial grass from SYNLawn Georgia is made from renewable materials. As a result, our recyclable artificial grass will never be forced to sit in any landfill. Instead, it can be broken down and utilized to create future products.

Applications for the EnviroLoc+ System in Georgia

Our team of expert installers at SYNLawn Georgia can implement the EnviroLoc+ System in a variety of settings, including:

The Perfect Lawn

The EnviroLoc+ System provides our customers in Atlanta, Savannah, and more with the perfect lawn. Our environmentally friendly artificial grass requires little maintenance and looks full and green no matter what type of weather is thrown at it or what time of year it is. 

Smooth, Level Putting Greens

Natural grass putting greens require some of the most tedious maintenance of all types of lawns and green spaces. However, with the EnviroLoc+ System, home and business owners in Georgia can have a low maintenance putting green that is consistently smooth, level, and green. Finally, there is a reliable and sustainable putting green for golfers!

Safe Playground Turf

Traditional playground turf can be made from hard, uneven, and sometimes even hazardous materials. Artificial grass with the EnviroLoc+ System provides children with a soft and even surface to run and play on. This helps make playground turf safer for children anywhere in Georgia.

Clean Pet Turf

Unlike other kinds of turf, the EnviroLoc+ System is the safest and cleanest artificial grass currently available. This is because EnviroLoc+ is antimicrobial. As a result, artificial grass with the EnviroLoc+ System will help keep potentially dangerous algae and fungi from forming. It will also help to reduce the amount of allergens present in pet turf areas or wherever our synthetic turf is installed.

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The EnviroLoc+ System is an ingenious form of durable, environmentally friendly artificial grass. This product is currently available for installation for homes and businesses across Georgia, including in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, and more! Contact us at SYNLawn Georgia today to learn more about our EnviroLoc+ system for your home or business! We offer free consultations!


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