SYNLawn Georgia provides commercial grade artificial turf for businesses and commercial applications for Atlanta and all of Georgia

A great first impression is important for any commercial property or local business in Atlanta, GA. Thankfully, our artificial grass helps create a beautiful landscape that will draw people in without the costly, time-consuming maintenance that traditional grass requires. At SYNLawn Georgia, we offer various, natural-looking artificial grass systems that stand up to heavy foot traffic, require minimal maintenance, and look stunning all year round!

Save Time and Money

Running a successful business should always be your first priority – not landscaping or lawn maintenance. Traditional grass requires a great deal of upkeep in order to maintain a lush, green appearance, especially as seasons change. Fortunately, at SYNLawn Georgia, our artificial grass installation eliminates tedious lawn care tasks, saving you precious time for more important tasks that will help your business grow.

Business owners and commercial property managers can expect to see a return on investment after our synthetic grass is installed. Since water is no longer needed to maintain your outdoor space, your monthly water bill will be significantly lower. You will also save by not needing to mow or hire someone to mow your lawn. These factors help make our commercial artificial grass one of the best investments your business can make!

Industry-Leading Safety Features

Whether you own a local shop with a small storefront, a large shopping center, or any other type of commercial property, anyone visiting it expects to be safe at all times. At SYNLawn Georgia, we are proud to share that several of our commercial artificial grass systems have a Class 1 fire rating. Our synthetic turf products were one of the first to pass ASTM International requirements in the industry. Since then, we have been dedicated to meeting safety milestones. As such, we are also members of IPEMA (the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association), which certifies that our installation methods meet rigid safety standards to help protect children and adults from falls and injuries on our artificial turf.

Environmentally-Friendly Synthetic Materials

At SYNLawn Georgia, we are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability, which is why our line of artificial turf products is constantly evolving and improving, including our commercial artificial grass. In addition to using renewable and recyclable materials during the manufacturing process, our commercial artificial grass can also help your business qualify for LEED credits. If your company has received certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, you can receive credit for your environmentally-friendly efforts.

Stunning Visual Appeal

A custom synthetic landscape design from us at SYNLawn Georgia can help boost curb appeal, draw in new business, and impress loyal clients and customers. Our artificial grass installations create a unique and interesting focal point for any commercial property from Atlanta to Macon, GA. There is no space too large or small for artificial grass installation.

With our wide variety of artificial grass and synthetic turf products, you can consider one or more of the following applications:

With our commercial artificial grass, your retail location, restaurant, office building, or other commercial property will look better than ever – all year round!

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At SYNLawn Georgia, our commercial artificial grass can help transform indoor and outdoor surfaces for businesses in Atlanta, GA and other Georgia communities. Our synthetic turf not only looks fabulous but can also help business owners save money! By working with us at SYNLawn Georgia, our contractors will create a one-of-a-kind design for your property that can help you attract new customers. We also offer a free on-site evaluation to determine which of our many amazing artificial grass systems will work best for your needs.

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Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

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Our Commercial Products

SYNLawn Pet Platinum

SYNLawn Pet Platinum
SKU: ST343_Pets | Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

The ultimate artificial grass designed for pets of all shapes and sizes. With maximum drainage built-in, cleanup is a breeze. Ultra-durable Super Yarn™ construction eliminates digging, brown spots, and other common problems found in backyards and pet facilities.

SYNLawn Pet Platinum Review

We have a small fenced in area specifcally for our two dogs. The natural grass was a mess - mostly just patches of mud. We had our SYNRye 250 installed last Fall and have been grateful every day that we did. During this past hard winter, it has worked out great. When we have light snow flurries, the snow tends to melt on the SynLawn which is helpful. We are very satisfied so far with our purchase.
Author: Hunterwoman

I can't believe I didn't do this years ago! My dog has been making it so hard to keep my lawn looking good that I finally decided to try this and could not be happier. The crew did a great job and now we are all happy!
Author: chellebelle123

Ever since he was a puppy my Snoopy has been tearing up the backyard, digging under the fence. It's to the point where there was hardly any grass left. He's not a bad dog, just a very active one. By some stroke of luck I discovered synlawn and I'm so glad we put replaced our dirt (with a side of grass) with a big green lawn that looks amazing. Topping it all off Snoopy can't dig through it, tear it up or get under the fence any more, in fact, he doesn't even try. Now we're able to spend more time playing together and we couldn't be more happy with our new backyard!
Author: Mander

Looks great - Installed very efficiently - Installers worked to make it fit well so gate would swing open easily
Author: ND

This was installed on my neighbors deck first and I watched how it was installed and tested and then waited after the first rainstorm and retested then decided to order the same product. The installation we received was terrific and a great product - we enjoyed working with SYNLawn.
Author: Paul

Looks good, anxious to begin using. This product is the answer to months of research, on how to resolve our deck drainage problem.
Author: Bob

We have had our product now for about 45 days and we are completely happy with it. We live in a condo association with a very small fenced back yard and it was always difficult to mow and trim in such a small area. While we didn’t initially want to spend the money, we continued to research the product and finally opted to do it after all – and we’re glad that we did! No more mowing, trimming or brown, thin grass – it has been green since day 1 and looks great … no regrets here!!
Author: Glenn

SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum

SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum
SKU: SR200_Roof | Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

The ultimate artificial roof, deck, and patio grass for performance and safety. Nylon fibers provide a high melt, resistance against window reflectivity, and the highest-rated safety rating in the industry. ASTM Certified E108 Class A Fire-Rated, ASTM E648, F1292, F1951.

SYNTipede 343

SYNTipede 343
SKU: ST343 | Total Weight: 106 oz. | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

SYNTipede 354 is the ultimate in hybrid synthetic grass technology. This cutting-edge artificial grass product incorporates the latest technology in every aspect of design and manufacturing combining beautiful multi-colored 'Omega' shaped grass blades with our exclusive HeatBlock Technology for superior strength and lower surface temperatures.

SYNTipede 343 Review

I love you having green in my backyard. It's has been super easy to care for! My only complaint is that it reminds me of carpet. It is natural looking. But it is convenient, green year round, and easy to care for.
Author: Janedoe8791