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Atlanta GeorgiaBackyard Putting Greens

If you live in the State of Georgia, there are numerous reasons why you should install artificial backyard putting greens from us at SYNLawn Georgia. First, owning custom golf greens turf in your private backyard affords you the convenience of being able to practice at your leisure. That means no more commuting to distant golf courses around Atlanta, GA. Additionally, installing a backyard putting green can enhance your property’s visual appeal and create a beautiful space for outdoor gatherings with family, friends, and business associates.

So if you are looking for professionally installed putting greens for your own backyard, you can trust SYNLawn Georgia not only for your initial investment but for your aftercare support as well.

Enhance your health and fitness curriculum

Besides enjoying the convenience of practicing at your own leisure and improving your golfing skills, having a backyard putting green can greatly boost your health and fitness regime. Golfing is a terrific alternative to gym workouts as it works out many of your body’s muscles simultaneously. Additionally, good health also translates into less stress which improves your overall quality of life. So if you’re looking to lose those extra pounds while keeping your bones strong, try backyard putting greens from SYNLawn Georgia.

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Improve your quality of life with at-home golfing

Golf is an intergenerational sport. Anyone can participate regardless of their age or skill level. Because of its socially inclusive nature, golf is one of the best ways to socialize with friends, family, work colleagues, and business associates. With a stunning putting green, you can strengthen your social bonds while playing a fun, inclusive game in your own backyard.

Luxurious Appeal

Immaculately manicured lawns can significantly enhance a property’s visual appeal, but synthetic grass goes even further! You can upgrade your home’s social status with backyard putting greens that never wither or fade all year long. Unlike traditional grass, which needs to be nurtured constantly to maintain its look and texture, synthetic turf needs little to no maintenance. Artificial turf constantly radiates a lush, green look regardless of use or the season of the year.

Low Maintenance

A significant feature of our synthetic golf grass is how low maintenance it is. No need to bother with expensive and time-consuming tasks such as using gardening equipment on it or watering it. Instead, you can use your time in more meaningful and productive endeavors.


Due to our artificial grass being made to the highest standards, it is exceptionally durable and strong. It can withstand just about anything that would damage regular grass, including bad weather, people repeatedly walking over it, dogs digging into the ground, and more.

Water conservation

During long and hot summer days in Georgia, normal grass can demand a ton of water. In this day and age when water is scarce, this is a wasteful strategy. Synthetic golf grass does not need to be watered.


Our synthetic grass is so well constructed that customers can expect it to last approximately 15 years. This is a huge return on investment. Customers get their true money’s worth plus much more.

Quick Draining

Our synthetic golf grass is manufactured in such a way that it drains water quickly. This means you won’t have to be inconvenienced by inclement weather that’s pouring rain outside for long. While normal grass may be left soaked with puddles everywhere, this won’t be the case with our artificial golf grass. In other words, you’ll be able to play your favorite game right after a storm happens!

Pet & Kid Friendly

Our synthetic golf grass is very pet and kid-friendly. We all know that kids and pets can wreak havoc on natural grass. Children like to pull and uproot the blades and dogs love to dig. With time, this causes unsightly patches on the grass that need work to restore. Synthetic grass on the other hand is durable yet non-abrasive. It feels just like traditional grass yet stronger. Kids or pets are unlikely to damage it – despite repeated use. It is very difficult for dogs to dig holes into artificial grass, and the blades are incredibly difficult to pull or uproot.


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