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Artificial Green Walls in Atlanta, GA

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SYNLawn Georgia can bring vibrance and greenery to nearly any space in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding regions with our hyper-realistic artificial green walls. With little to no maintenance required, these faux plant walls are an easy and stylish way to enhance any space, making them more inviting and serene. Our synthetic living walls are perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and make for a long-lasting and durable addition to practically any residential or commercial space.

What is an Artificial Living Wall?

Artificial living walls are carefully crafted, interlocking panels that consist of beautiful faux plant life. They are a remarkable way to add greenery to indoor or outdoor spaces. Our synthetic green walls can be installed on nearly any surface. Multiple panels can be combined to make a striking accent wall, or our panels can be installed in locations throughout a space. At SYNLawn Georgia, we can help you design the space with our artificial plant wall panels or implement a design of your choosing.

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Why Install an Artificial Green Wall?

Artificial planted walls are beautiful when installed by our team of professional installers. With our hyper-realistic design and attention to detail, no one is able to tell that this is a faux living wall with a mere glance, and should they venture closer, they will observe the natural-looking textures, dimensions, and movement of our synthetic plants as afforded by any gentle breeze or wind gusting through the area. Plus, with an artificial green wall, you have the added benefit of it being hassle-free! One of the many reasons our clients enjoy having artificial green walls on their property is the incredible compromise of beauty and little maintenance they afford.

Beautiful Artificial Green Feature Walls

Our artistically designed artificial green walls are a beautiful way to brighten up any space. They are incredible statement pieces that are perfect for starting a conversation for any setting. They can also provide a beautiful backdrop to almost any location!

At SYNLawn Georgia, our artificial green walls are ideal for:

  • Resorts
  • Destination Wedding Venues
  • Stadiums
  • Concert Halls
  • Restaurant Outdoor Dining Privacy Screening
  • Spa Centers
  • Massage Clinics
  • Office Reception Areas
  • Waiting Rooms and more


Enhance practically any space with our residential artificial green walls! They are great for privacy screening, livening up an outdoor space, or bringing a beautiful touch of lush greenery indoors. Our customizable artificial green walls are also ideal for enhancing entryways, patios, balconies, bathrooms, and so much more. Contact our experts to learn how to best maximize an artificial green wall for your residential space today!


Adding a synthetic green wall is an exceptional way to add new dimensions to your commercial space. All of our professionally installed artificial plant walls are low maintenance, making them a perfect, green addition for any commercial space, such as offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, front desk areas, and so on. They can also assist with privacy. Our faux plant walls have inherent sound buffering while allowing for airflow. Plus, our artificial green walls help to add the sophistication of well-maintained garden greenery without the need and hassles for maintaining live plants.