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The Many Benefits Of Fake Dog Grass For Those Who Live In Georgia

If you live in the state of Georgia, there are a wide variety of reasons to get fake dog grass from SYNLawn. Not only will your dog benefit greatly from its many features, but you will benefit too. Because it is so easy to care for, the thought that you’ll need to water or mow it won’t even cross your mind. This means you won’t need to dedicate your valuable time or money towards looking after it.

Besides our fake dog grass giving you the benefits of saving money and time, your dog will receive many benefits too. From the feel of it, to the safety it provides, to its ability to drain water fast, your dog is bound to be very happy with your new artificial pet grass lawn. Let’s delve further into all the advantages our artificial pet turf provides both you and your dog.

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The Safety Provided From Fake Dog Grass

At SYNLawn Georgia, we recognize that safety is the #1 priority and we have created our fake dog grass with that as a prime concern. There are indeed many safety features provided.

Due to the incredible strength of our artificial dog grass, it will always maintain its shape and consistency, no matter the weather or how often your dog runs over it. Even if your dog is a 150lb Newfoundland that loves to run around, our grass will be able to handle him with ease. This means the grass won’t be displaced over time like regular grass to expose hard or uneven surfaces that could be a safety hazard.

Also, because our synthetic dog turf is so hardy, it will help to keep your dog safe and secure in your yard. A dog that loves to dig, like a Beagle, can dig through regular grass, get under your fence, and escape your yard. That is definitely something you don’t want!  With our artificial grass being as durable as it is, your dog won’t be able to dig through it. As an added benefit, because holes can’t be dug in it, your dog won’t have to worry while playing about tripping in holes in the ground that he or another animal created.

Our artificial turf is also safe for kids and perfectly suited for use as playground turf.

Pest Free & Allergy Free

A further advantage of our fake dog grass is that it is both allergen free and pest free. While regular grass produces pollen, this isn’t the case with our synthetic grass. So dogs that have grass allergies will have no worries. Additionally, while regular grass provides a suitable habitat and nutrients for pests like rodents and parasites like fleas and ticks, that isn’t the case with our artificial grass. Due to it being inhospitable, you won’t have to worry about your pet being afflicted with fleas and then bringing them right into your home!

Quick Draining & A Breeze To Maintain

As we’ve already mentioned, our fake dog grass can easily handle a 150lb dog running back and forth over it while maintaining its shape and integrity. Besides our grass being easy to maintain in terms of being damage resistant, it also drains quickly and is easy to clean. So if there is stormy weather, you won’t have to be concerned with your dog jumping in puddles and then galloping into your house. Furthermore, dog urine will drain fast from our synthetic dog turf, meaning odors won’t build up. Dog waste is also simple to clean off of our artificial grass.

Enjoyable Feel For Your Dog

Your dog will enjoy unmatched comfort from our fake dog grass. In fact, our synthetic grass feels so much like regular grass that your dog won’t even be able to tell the difference! Because our grass is non-abrasive, your dog will enjoy laying on it and rolling on top of it. Also, we know that summers in Georgia can get quite hot, which is why our synthetic grass is equipped with cooling technology. That means even when the summer sun is shining bright, the grass won’t become too hot for your dog to play on.

Summary Of All The Benefits

Given all of the benefits provided by our fake dog grass, what’s not to love? It provides safety for your dog and will allow you to keep him secure in your yard. It keeps away pests like fleas, so your dog won’t bring them into your house. It drains quickly, so dog urine won’t collect and mud puddles won’t form from stormy weather. It is highly durable and maintains its look, so you won’t have to worry about watering it, mowing it, your dog running over it, and more. And finally, it has cooling technology and feels just like real grass, meaning your dog will always enjoy having fun on it!

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Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

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